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Speciality Locks
A challenging array of applications is met by an equally impressive range of unique security devices.

We are able to address virtually any unusual circumstance by drawing upon our experience with the hundreds of products available. Keyless camlocks, rekeyable padlocks and WiFi-enabled cabinet locks are just a few of the specialized products we offer to help clients overcome these unique security challenges. By carrying only the most reliable brands we can deliver the highest level of security and convenience in the area of electronic and mechanical locking devices.

If a standard solution just won’t do, you can rely on our custom approach to resolve what may, at first glance, appear to be unsolvable.

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Speciality Vendors

How to Choose
the Right Padlock

There are only two reasons you’re going to need a padlock, to prevent theft or to prevent unauthorised access to an area or item. So when choosing your padlock, make sure it’ll do the job, or you may as well not bother.
How valuable is the item you want to secure?

If it's valuable, the chances are thieves or intruders will be more determined - so buy an expensive High Security Padlock. Think of it as insurance that you pay for only once (not every year!) If it's not so valuable, the probability of theft is lower, so use a lower grade 'cheaper' padlock
Don't think of the padlock alone - think about what it will be working with.

Is the chain or hasp strong enough? Is the door and door frame robust enough for the hasp? ...and do the surrounding structures and components match the security rating of the padlock you want to use? Again, take into account the perceived value of the item you want to secure. There's no point buying a military grade ‘Rotalok’ to use with a garden shed grade hasp or a chain from box store. Always think - what's the weakest link?
Does the padlock have to meet a Specific Insurance Rating?

Insurers sometimes specify that a padlock must be security rated to either ‘Sold Secure’ or ‘CEN’ standards. Where your insurers specify this, they will normally also specify the level of rating required, i.e. Sold Secure Gold, Silver or Bronze (equates to the European CEN ratings; 5, 4 or 3 respectively). A padlock with shackle thickness of less than 11mm is unlikely to meet even the lowest of these ratings. 
Does the padlock look right for the job?

Size alone is not a reliable indicator when it comes to a padlocks performance or effectiveness, but using a 40mm padlock with a chunky hasp or vice versa, would not look right.
Do you need special keying options?

If you have a lot of padlocks to manage, consider ‘Master Keying’ or ‘Keyed Alike’ options. A ‘Restricted Key’ option reduces the risk of unauthorised key duplication (cutting). If many people need to be able to operate a padlock, a combination padlock may be a better choice than a key locking padlock - where you would for example, have to issue keys to lots of people. Bear in mind however that combination padlocks are only suitable for low level security applications.
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